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KB Gold – From Worthless Paper to Precious Metal

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Exactly how valuable is your currency?

I was shocked last week when someone sent me this video. So shocked that I wanted to share it with you.

After watching this video you might ask yourself: ‘What has this to do with me?”

Well this is a wake up call and best of all: “WE HAVE THE SOLUTION!”


KB Gold Investment and George Soros

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George Soros is buying gold

According to Forbes, the famous hedge fund manager George Soros (and his fellow billionare Warren Buffet) has invested in gold and is betting on falling prices for oil. The reports claim that the ratio of the two positions is 10:1.

The reason for this step is his belief in a consistent price-performance ratio of 10-to-1 between gold and oil, and this ratio has recently fallen to 7.4, “gold will either rise up to 10 times a barrel of oil ($ 1350 gram) or oil will fall to USD 96 per barrel – a tenth of gold’s current market price”.

Does this make sense in compliance with a price-performance ratio? On the one hand, there is no relation between the basic values of offer and demand for gold and oil, on the other hand, many traders sell gold and oil for investments and speculation.

Gold was, is and always will be a secure material asset. If a state defaults, this would mean a hedging for investors. Gold is the only secure currency.

The KB Gold Investment Plan makes it possible for you to start securing your money into little amounts of gold. Starting from € 100 per month you will be securing yourself a financial future!

Get your own Gold Investment plan now with KB Gold Investment. Starting from only € 100 per month.

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KB Gold Investment Spreads its wings…

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KB Gold Franchise is spreading it’s wings all over Europe… Come and join us now!

This video was made at the first Public KB Gold Investment event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands early May. 135 people started their own KB Gold Franchise business that day and will come back with new Gold Investors on the 6th of June.

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KB Gold – Why Join?

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Why choose KB Gold…

Many are challenging me on ‘why to join KB Gold’ and I have given them many reasons. Still people come up with more sceptic questions and lots of excuses. Things like, “i’d rather buy dollars, they are rising” or “money always goes around” or “gold has always gone up and down” or “if we go down, we go down” etc. etc.

I understand all these questions because most of us do not think of investing in gold and not many people, not even most financial advisors, will tell you this either.

Times are changing, and they are changing fast. The European government have just agreed to print more money to pay for the debt problems in Greece. The next might be Spain, Portugal or Italy. That means the value of the Euro will go down and Gold price will go up!

Choosing to secure your money in KB Gold and build your own KB Gold Franchise business is to choose for yourself, your children, family and friends. To show them that you really care and not put that expectation outside yourself.

Join KB Gold, it is free of charge with no monthly costs. When will you decide to choose for a secure financial future. When you start to to secure your money into KB Gold, you not only have the security of putting your savings in the right place but you also have a TEAM of like minded people who keep a check on each other and let you grow in your confidence.

People in your surroundings will start noticing this and they will come up to you and ask: “What has happened to you? You’re walking holding your head up all of a sudden” or “ You’ve got a certain glow about you, is there something you are keeping from me?”.

The only thing you have to say is: “Do you really want to know and would you like to feel the same?”

Just tell them about this great new opportunity you just came across and it makes you feel a lot safer and independent. Whatever is happening with the Euro, Dollar or Pound. You have put your savings into KB Gold, which has always kept it’s value over the decades and centuries. If they like the idea they will respond, if not that’s okay too, just let go and keep smiling :-)

Choose for yourself now and  join us on this fantastic journey into financial freedom

KB Gold triumphs in Holland…

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135  people join at KB Gold opening night in Amsterdam!

Put 150 people in a room, serve them with the #1 Gold Investment opportunity in the world and what do you get???

After a magical presentation by Casper Camps, one of our A-team members, on sunday night the 2nd of May, The conference room in Amsterdam was filled with people celebrating their road to financial freedom. We had a room filled with people eagerly to start their own KB Gold business opportunity and take it to the next level. The vibe was magical and everybody was challenged to bring 5 to 10 people to the next meeting early June. KB Gold A-team will take KB Vision worldwide!

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Do You Want To Retire comfortably? Than You Must Budget $900,000

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The money needed for a couple to retire comfortably for 20 years has gone up by 30% in 5 years.

It means each pensioner who wants to retire comfortably needs an income more than double the basic state pension just to cover everyday costs such as food, petrol and clothing.

The annual expenditure is a third higher than five years ago, with retiring workers hit by a double whammy of falling income from their pensions and rising costs.

Wealth experts say: “Millions of people are sleepwalking into an impoverished old age. You can’t expect to spend twenty or thirty years in retirement without stashing away a substantial amount of money while you are still working.”

Only the very wealthy and those in the public sector with generous gold-plated schemes can guarantee a financially secure retirement, experts said.

KB Gold offers a secure and fast growing alternative retirement Gold Plan from only €50 a month ($65). It is invested in Gold bullion and remains secure in Swiss vaults until you need it. No sign up fee, no long term contract commitments, best gold price and get your gold delivered to your door whenever you want to…

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What is real Gold ?

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This morning I found this very honest and actual video. It’s got some odd visual and musical features but it hits reality. Just have a look.