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Mike Maloney – New RT Interview

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Ron Paul & Mike Maloney Hit It Out Of The Park – Gold, Silver & Debt Based Monetary System

During Mike Maloney’s recent appearance on RT he was given the chance to state where he thinks the economy is going, why it is going in that direction and how we can protect our financial future, taking advantage of the current precious metals bull-market.

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Important Facts about KB Gold Karatbars

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KB’s Global Monetary Exchange System has unique features and benefits:

  • Lifelong free exchange of your gold bars, should the gold certificate get damaged
  • Regular issue of special editions and keeping you informed about them
  • A gold purity of 24 kt fine gold – 999.9 Karatbar quality
  • Due to existing mining rights, supply shortages should never occur
  • Free delivery within in all open countries, starting at 100 bars and a payment of 5000 Euro or more
  • Free storage of your KB precious metals, for as long as you want
  • Knowing that, in the case of loss (e.g. through theft) KB Vision is exclusively liable. This is certainly a unique feature worldwide, as such a warranty can only be issued by a company that produces its own gold.
  • Knowing that your gold bars can be exchanged into currency at any time through KB’s unique price guarantee, payable in the currency of your choice
  • The physical ownership of your precious metal assets
  • A free asset inventory of your stored precious metals for regular buyers
  • Market-based acquisition prices
  • Delivery of only the highest-quality bullion products in smaller more transaction friendly weights
  • Constant availability of your gold account
  • Easy to use online Customer Access Point

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New KB Gold Vision Website This Week!

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New KB Gold – KB Vision Software / Accounting system

Next week you can log into our new accounting system. Regarding this you will receive an e-mail. Please follow to the exact step by step instructions. Quite a few business partners still have to update their data. All the details you will also receive with en extra E-Mail and then we can finally start.

We can already promise you that you will be thrilled about it.

Please note our new internet and email address!!!

With conversion to our accounting system we have made a change of our internet address. From now on you can reach our website at On this site you can find the current E-Mail addresses of our KB Vision Team. After publication of our accounting system the old e-mail addresses are available again for you.

Your KB Vision Team

Bernanke Dumber Than Gold – Mike Maloney

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Mike Maloney is the world renowned gold specialist who teamed up with Robert Kiyosaki. KB Gold offers you the smallest denominations in gold starting at 0,5 gram. Secure your money now with our unique gold backed savings program. Join us at KB Gold. Its a free of charge sign up with no monthly obligations.